Create Monograms with Easy-to-Use EZgram Monogram Software

Just 4 clicks for a great-looking monogram!

That’s right! EZgram monogram software is the smartest, fastest way to produce high-quality lettering for your embroidery machine using the same fonts as the big catalog houses.

Our fonts are not just close knock-offs of catalog house monogram fonts, they are the same fonts! That means that EZgram scales lettering beautifully, producing beautiful sewouts even at larger sizes, five inches and more!

Finally, you can create true diamond monograms (and others) without the distortion typical of other products. Lettering size is scaleable from 1/8 inch to 20 inches, and you have complete control over density, column width, mirroring, trims, and kerning. You can even print a stitch rendering or render on-screen. There is not an easier to use monogram lettering system available!

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4!

  1. Just choose the monogram style (font)
  2. Set the lettering height
  3. Type the personalization
  4. Click Save

That's it! You’re ready to sew. EZgram saves your personalization as a .DST (Tajima-format) stitch file. You can load it directly to your machine to sew it, or import it to a stitch editing system to combine it with other designs.

EZgram monogramming software creates true monogram lettering. These are the same monogram styles the big catalog companies are offering.

When you buy EZgram you get:

  • 12 font styles included

  • Outputs a .DST (Tajima-format) stitch file.

  • Creates true diamond monograms without the distortion common to other products

  • Fonts scaleable from 1/8 inch to 20 inches

  • Density control, column width control, mirroring, trims, kerning, print, render

  • Easiest to use monogram lettering system available


What do I need to use EZgram?

You must purchase EZgram Home Edition for $119.00. With it you get 12 standard monogram font styles... [read more]

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